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Finder/Query for CIFS enabled?


Hello Guys,

Is it possible to create a finder or a query that returns all filer, who have CIFS enabeled? Is there any flag in the WFA database?





The answer is that it depend on the context.  I will answer both versions - traditional Data ONTAP (7DOT) and clustered Data ONTAP (cDOT).

For cDOT, this is covered in the vServer information.  You can use the Filter vserver by service.

For 7DOT, this is not available... clearly.  Now, you could build a 'logical' representation that a specific Array/Vfiler is running Cifs.  For example, if you don't remove the C$ on the Array/Vfiler, then the presence of that Share would be a litmus test that Cifs is configured.  The Share existence would be found in the Cifs Share table (storage.cifs_share) and there are two foreign keys (array_id and vfiler_id) so you can map it backwards.

This isn't the perfect answer but presently there is no existing data in the cache query tables.


What about testing the license itself? Is there a license for it?


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