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Gather additional metrics with Harvest




I want to gather additional metrics with Harvest from the object nic_common.


Created new template cdot-crc.conf in directory template:

%poller =   (
        'nic_common' =>
                                counter_list     => [ qw(node_name instance_name
                                                                        link_current_state link_duplex link_speed node_name
                                                                        rx_no_buffers rx_total_errors rx_udp_bad_cksum total_errors tx_total_errors
                                                                        ) ],
                                graphite_leaf    => 'node.{node_name}.eth_port.{instance_name}',
                                plugin           => 'cdot-nic-crc',
                                enabled          => '1'
  • copied the plugin cdot-nic-common to cdot-nic-crc
  • uncommented the logger statements
  • added cdot-crc.conf to the harvest-config
  • restarted harvest


[2017-04-06 13:03:49] [NORMAL ] WORKER STARTED [Version: 1.3] [Conf: netapp-harvest.conf] [Poller: cluster50]
[2017-04-06 13:03:49] [NORMAL ] [main] Poller will monitor a [FILER] at [cluster50:443]
[2017-04-06 13:03:49] [NORMAL ] [main] Poller will use [password] authentication with username [harvest] and password [**********]
[2017-04-06 13:03:49] [NORMAL ] [main] Collection of system info from [cluster50] running [NetApp Release 9.1] successful.
[2017-04-06 13:03:49] [NORMAL ] [main] Found best-fit monitoring template (same generation and major release, minor same or less): [cdot-9.1.0.conf]
[2017-04-06 13:03:49] [NORMAL ] [main] Added and/or merged monitoring template [/opt/netapp-harvest/template/default/cdot-9.1.0.conf]
[2017-04-06 13:03:49] [NORMAL ] [main] Added and/or merged monitoring template [/opt/netapp-harvest/template/cdot-crc.conf]
[2017-04-06 13:03:50] [NORMAL ] [main] Metrics will be submitted with graphite_root [netapp.perf.DE_HH_HBB.cluster50]
[2017-04-06 13:03:50] [NORMAL ] [main] Using graphite_meta_metrics_root [netapp.poller.perf.DE_HH_HBB.cluster50]
[2017-04-06 13:03:50] [NORMAL ] [main] Startup complete.  Polling for new data every [300] seconds.

But I don't see .wsp files created in the path /DE_HH_HBB/cluster50/node/node1/eth_port/e0a/


There are also no DEBUG messages in the harvest logfiles.


Where is my mistake? 




Re: Gather additional metrics with Harvest


Hi @marcusgross


I would start your poller using netapp-manager or netapp-worker with the -v flag to enable verbose logging.  It logs a lot so you would then need to search through it (grep) for the nic_common stuff and/or new counters added to see what is happening.  Keep in mind that Harvest does not submit metrics if the calculated value is 0, so it could also be that you have 0 errors between polling intervals and thus won't see a metric submitted.  In verbose logging you will see the raw counter value and can see the computed value would be zero and is thus not sent to Graphite.


Chris Madden

Solution Architect - 3rd Platform - Systems Engineering NetApp EMEA (and author of Harvest)

Blog: It all begins with data


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