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HA Failover configuration


Hi All:

I am attempting to configure HA on the data ports of the controllers. In the event that the Data interfaces on controllerA is not accessible then ControllerB should take over responsibility for the IP traffic destined to ControllerA’s ifgrp.

Commands compiled for this tasks are as follows:

    • Commands for ControllerA:
        1. ifgrp create single nameofsec-levelcontA trk1,trk2   #create second level ifgrp on controllerA
        2. ifconfig nameofsec-levelcontA partner nameofsec-levelcontB #set partner command so that controllerA will take over for ControllerB in the event that the second level ifgrp is not accessible.
        3. ifconfig  nameofsec-levelcontA netmask #configure an IP address for the second level interface on controllerA
    • Commands for ControllerB
        1. ifgrp create single nameofsec-levelcontB trk1,trk2   #create second level ifgrp on controllerB
        2. ifconfig nameofsec-levelcontB partner nameofsec-levelcontA #set partner command so that controllerB will take over for ControllerA in the event that the second level ifgrp is not accessible.
        3. ifconfig  nameofsec-levelcontB netmask #configure an IP address for the second level interface on controllerB

    • what goes into the rc file on either controllers?
    • Is my configuration correct?

thank you.





1. In /etc/rc file you need to put all commands that you will use for creating the interface groups,set ip address and partner interface to them

2. Standard syntax: ifconfig <name of the interface>


thanks Aleksandar. excuse my novicity (if that's a word)  is there a separate etc/rc file for each controller?


Depends on your environment to edit these files you can use CLI commands:

toaster> rdfile /etc/RC - reading file

toaster> wrfile /etc/RC - write to file

or if you have CIFS licensed map c$ to your windows wks.

Just my 2 cents 🙂

Yes, separate file on each of the controllers. Please note that In Cluster-Mode, there is not more /etc/rc

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