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Spin Up/Down environments


I was wondering how Balance would report on an environment that is constantly deploying and tearing down VMs.  If an environment had a few hundred VMs and those VMs  had an average lifespan of 24 hours before they were destroyed.  Is this enough time for balance to analyze and report on activities?

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Re: Spin Up/Down environments


Yes, Balance would be able to analyze the Performance Index (how much headroom), partition misalignment and guest memory immediately, which give you a short term view of the VMs performance.

For an longer term view, Balance will be able to see performance patterns and analyze the ESX host performance. If you deploy too many of a certain type of workloads on a few ESX hosts or specific aggregates, Balance will be able to analyze and alert on this. It will also show which parts of the infrastructure are not being heavily used, which helps optimize performance across the virtual clusters and storage.

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Re: Spin Up/Down environments


Thanks for the reply.  Is there a way to automate the process of adding Windows VM's to the 'Monitored' status (they appear as unmonitored, until I specify the credentials to use).  I have the credentials saved, it seems to wait for the manual action from an admin to fully monitor?  Thanks

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