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Harvest 1.6 not collecting capacity data


We have multiple systems:



All are running 9.7P10.


Our ActiveIQ is also 9.7P1


Our AFF are able to collect capacity data, while our FAS is not. When running the harvest in debug mode we saw the following entries:

5-02 10:47:00] [NORMAL ] [main] Collection of system info from [na2] running [NetApp Release 9.7P10] successful.
[2021-05-02 10:47:00] [NORMAL ] [main] Found best-fit monitoring template (older generation or major release): [cdot-9.6.0.conf]
[2021-05-02 10:47:00] [NORMAL ] [main] Added and/or merged monitoring template [/opt/netapp-harvest/template/default/cdot-9.6.0.conf]


All the other data collected on the FAS system shows up normally, just the capacity data. Is there a know issue and/or how can we troubleshoot?

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