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Harvest Workload View?


Hi All,


I've had a few requests for a per-workload view that shows the service center breakdowns. Is there a good place (documentation) to start figuring out how to build this, or, even better, does it already exist?


Re: Harvest Workload View?


Hi @ChrisCasale


Harvest tracks IO/MBs/Latency/Latency From on per workload and per policy group basis. In Harvest version 1.2.2 there is a dashboard "NetApp Detail: Volume" which shows workloads that have been defined at the 'volume' level, which is the default/automatic behavior in 8.3+.  


If you have file/LUN or SVM level workloads these are still tracked but there is no default dashboard for them; check underneath the svm or volume in the metrics hierarchy and you will find them.


If you are interested in per Policy Group details I have updated the SVM dashboard to also show these and it will ship in the next Harvest release.  I did this by adding a new template variable $PolicyGroup and then graphs with an example query string like: 



aliasByNode(highestAverage(netapp.perf.$Group.$Cluster.svm.$SVM.qos_policy.$PolicyGroup.read_latency, $TopResources), 7)

These metrics are available in Harvest 1.2.2 as well, so you can build a dashboard them today if you want.




Chris Madden

Storage Architect, NetApp EMEA (and author of Harvest)

Blog: It all begins with data


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