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Harvest docker image


Any thoughts on releasing a docker image for harvest?  I started playing with docker today, and easily got graphite, grafana and harvest (rolled my own image) running as a package.  Would make installs so much easier




NAbox is the virtual appliance I was talking about yes, I’m glad you found it.
Alerting is a different challenge because grafana can’t really do it (alerting in grafana doesn’t work with template variables, which harvest dashboards are using a lot) and it would be a lot of work to try to implement it manually.

Can you double check your email? I think there's a typo


I just returned to this site after about a year. There was a typo in my email. It is brian.trevisa@atkinsglobal.com. I am  still intested in workign with NetApp Harvest. Has there been much improvements with using grafana / Harfest togeather. I am trying one persons solution called NAbox. It is a virtual machin. I am impressed. I would like to know if you know if anyone has taken it any further. Perhaps adding alerting. Thant would be fantastic. 


Note that there is a virtual appliance sort of available (not public yet), but I can see the advantage of a docker image as well


I am also interested in a vm build or virtual appliance for Harvest. Did you ever locate one?




Hello @J_curl,


If you want something immediate, Dan Burkland wrote a blog post a while ago on creating a single container with all of the Harvest + Grafana + Graphite components.  I have an internal version using Docker Compose which should be ready to be released in the next few days now that DockerCon is over.  I'll be publishing everything to the netapp.github.io site, so be sure to keep an eye out there (I'll try to remember to post here as well).



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Thanks!  I must be living under a rock, I never knew this netapp.github.io site existed. looks like it contains everything I need for now


I would be interesting in the complete guide for netapp-harvest in docker if your wouldn't mind



I am running Graphite and Grafana using hopsoft/graphite-statsd and grafana/grafana:3.0.4 Docker images.  Quick and easy.  Here is what I did to get harvest running in Docker.  I can write up a complete guide if anyone is intersted



Here is a Dockerfile i used to create a harvest image.  I have about 10 hours of experience with Docker, so I am sure there are better ways but this is working for me.



FROM alpine:latest
RUN apk update && apk add perl perl-json perl-libwww perl-xml-parser perl-lwp-protocol-https unzip
ADD netapp-harvest /opt/netapp-harvest
WORKDIR /opt/netapp-harvest

You have to download netapp-harvest,  add the perl modules from SDK (as per the Harvest install guide), and populate your netapp-harvest.conf file.  This will make a complete netapp-harvest directory that will get added to the image.



Then create this Dockerfile and run 

docker build -t <name>/harvest:<version tag> .


From here you can spin up workers as containers by running:


docker run -d\
 --name harvest-<name of your poller>\
--restart=always\ jpeake/harvest:0.1\ ./netapp-worker -poller <name of poller in .conf file>


I am still running my production Harvest the old fashioned way, but find this really interesting, and super easy to spin up at our various sites around the world.  Put all pollers in the conf file, and call up workers as needed per site.  

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