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viewing sessions from a 3rd party tool


hello everyone. my first post 🙂  hoping i can get some help with a small issue I have encountered.



I use a 3rd party tool (System Tools Hyena) to view active connections\sessions and open files to shares on the filers we have in our environment. with this tool, I can see all of these sessions on older 7-mode filers.  we have some new c-dot filers now. I cannot view any open files\sessions using my tool (and I know the shares are in use!!). 


is there any reason why I cannot see sessions\connections on these new c-dot filers using a remote tool (i am actually a windows engineer so I dont have access to native filer tools). is there a setting on the filer side? some configuration? some permission that is needed? I am a full admin on the actual filers.


as we bring more of these c-dot filers online I need to be able to view these sessions\connections just like i can on the older 7-mode filers.


the first image is of a c-dot filer. the second is what i can see on a 7-mode filer





thanks in advance for any insight that can be provided 🙂