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Has anyone used WFA in conjunction with DynamicOps (VMware vCloud Automation Center)?



I have a customer that is interested in leveraging WFA in conjunction with DynamicOps, now known as VMware vCloud Automation Center (vCAC).

Do we have any customers that have already done this? Do we have any documentation on how to do this, such as the TR we have for HPOO?

Any assistance would be appreciated.


Phil Bachman



We just completed our basic testing today, using web services to call the WFA jobs from Dynamic Ops.  The customer selects their needs from a web portal, it is passed over to DO, they process the variables, and call our WFA job.

This is a simple create a volume, add it to a vfiler, export it - all for Linux.  We have yet to test the version with SnapMirror, I hope we are ready to test that on Jan. 2.


Hey Phil,

I am actually working on a project right now to integrate WFA with vCenter Orchestrator and ultimately with vCloud Automation Center.  We are still early in the stages though I do have vCO calling WFA to execute workflows.  Full integration with vCAC and WFA is on that roadmap.  Once we are complete, I will be publishing a joint TR with VMware on this solution.  Ping me offline if you would like more information on this joint solution. 

Jeremy Goodrum, NetApp

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