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How NMC force to pull data protection relation?


OCUM 5.2 and NMC 3.3.

I manually create snapmirror and snapvault relation at filer side. but it need some times then dfpm could find the relation.  but NMC could not see them all. What's the default poll interval. and how I can forcely pull snapmirror/snapvault relation?  

Thanks and Best Regards!





The NMC UI is used to access the Protection Manager and Provisioning Manager features of Unified Manager.  The NMC only communicates with the UM server, not any of the managed hosts.  The monitors for SV and SM are both 30 minutes:

snapmirrorTimestamp  Normal   30 minutes   30 minutes   08 Jan 02:11 Normal   08 Jan 01:43
svTimestamp      Normal   30 minutes   30 minutes   08 Jan 02:12 Normal   08 Jan 01:43

Are you inquiring about seeing relationships in the external relationships panel of the NMC?




Hi Kevin

Thanks a lot.

At first,  Yes.  dfpm CLI could see the relation but NMC external relationships panel can't see them all.  is there a way to forcely sync them?

2nd,  how often UM pull snapmirror/snapvault relationship from filer?   I found it's still not real-time.  same question:  how to forcely sync?

3rd, I found only initilization-completed relation will be shown in NMC external relationships panel.  is it expected?

Thanks and Best Regards!


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