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High Availability OCUM 5.2


We are looking into  building a HA OCUM environment to house protection manager.   Is this still the latest TR ( regarding HA configuration?   Also, Can this be done with Non-netapp attached SAN disk?


Re: High Availability OCUM 5.2


I cannot find a newer version of that TR, however you might also consult the UM 5.2 Install Guide for further instructions on MSCS setup.

I am not aware of of any requirement that the SAN disks belong to NetApp unless you use SnapDrive to attach the LUNs - in that case they will need to be on NetApp.



Re: High Availability OCUM 5.2



Yup, in the same boat.. The one thing of note that is a little misleading is in windows 2003 it's caleld MSCS, but in windows 2008 it's called failover clustering.  The doc says that in windows 2008 MSCS isn't support.. Just threw me for a few minutes..

As there isn't much documentation on this, im wondering how widely used this is...

As for SAN disks, ditto, i think we can use any vendors

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