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How To Get List Of Snapshots


Hi All,

I was searching for how to find existing snapshots in WFA and found this post "How To Get List Of Snapshots", but there does not appear to be anything named 'snapshot' in the dictionary portion of WFA 4.1.  The post is refrencing WFA 2, and i didn't see anything about more current versions.


Does anyone know how i would go about getting this dcitionary entry, and then (end goal) restoring the most current snapshot off of a volume?







There are number methods to achieve your end objective. Here are a few options:


  1. Create a custom datasource for snapshots
  2. Query the OCUM database for snapshots based on variable input (cluster\vserver\volume)
  3. Create a WFA workflow to enumerate the snapshots for the volume by connecting to cluster and enumerating the snapshots for the volume (Get-NcSanpshot) then adding the results as a return paramater. (IE invoke this workflow, enumerate the snapshots to select which snapshot you want to base your restore from)

Unless you are restoring from snapshots frequently you might find option 3 is the most flexible. It wouldn't be very efficent to create a datasource to enumerate snapshots on a scheduled basis if your restores are infreqent and when you do restore you need to ensure your source snapshot is based on the most recent snapshot (which your datasource may not have acquired given it would be based on a schedule).


Please let me know if you have any questions.



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