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UserQuota reports - OCUM via BIRT?


Hi there..


In my old 7-mode system I hade a userquota report scheduled to send directly to one of our customers.


Now in CDOT the standard reporting tool are quite limited.

So..looking into BIRT to create a UserQuota report for a special SVM.
The Online Automation Store is quite slim with only 3 reports to download.

I have found some tutorials to create a Aggregate and volume report etc .. that works fine, but can´t seem to get the userquota report to work.


Anyone who has done one and can share? Or give me some pointers on the values needed?




Re: UserQuota reports - OCUM via BIRT?


OK, got it to work (attached my simple version)


Next problem is that when I import it and then filter it as I want to.. for exampel just show one specific SVM.

Then after I save it I can´t share it via email.. only get an error..


This means that I have to create a new for every singel SVM and filter it in the BIRT creation process..??

Re: UserQuota reports - OCUM via BIRT?


Your attachment appears to be missing...

Re: UserQuota reports - OCUM via BIRT?


Hmm, somethings wrong.


I´ll choose the attachement, but it won´t uppload


Try this:

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