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How do I reconfigure data warehouse portal?


Can someone please tell me how to reconfigure the portal to use another port?

I was required to install IIS after installing DWH and now I can't figure out how to change the port and there's nothing in the guides that can tell you how to do this. I'm not familiar with Apache so any assistance would be appreciated.



There isn't a supported procedure for doing this - all the intelligence to do this (change what port we use) is built into the OCI installer.

There is no good reason to have IIS installed on the DWH. If you set the WWW Management service (its name varies on different Windows versions) to disabled, you should be back in business with OCI after rebooting the server.


You could back up the DWH database and reporting content and reinstall on another port.  As far as I know that would be fully supported. 

I know that service ports are recorded in the registry and it would be easy to change those values.  However, I do not know where else they might be recorded or what might be involved in making the corresponding changes there. 

Consider configuring IIS to use a non-default port to avoid conflict with OCI.