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How to certify a selected storage vendor for OCI


Hello, All,

As we checked OCI Interoperability matrix, Huawei Storage Arrays are not certified.

IS there any guidance on how to get a storage vendor certified by OCI, and what's the business requirements or process?

Many thanks!

Winfred Liu


NetApp China, Telecom and NEP



Hi Winfred,

Process point of view, it is exactly as Matt mentioned, you can file a PVR. Please include the details that he has mentioned.

Storage models that need to be supported

Opportunity size in terms of Raw capacity

If there are additional customers/opportunities that require the same support, please include the details for that as well.

We currently do not have plans to support Huawei in our near term roadmap, but nevertheless would like to track the request to see if there are more that could come in.

Company level co-operation point of view, at this stage I don't think that we would need any support from Huawei. However, when we decide to move forward and support the array, we would need access to the array and the support based on engineering needs.

Also, note that currently the field would need to be the liason between the customer and NetApp for the submission of request to support a new array. There is not direct way for the customer to do this.

Hope this helps.




Hey Winfred,

One avenue that NetApp employees can use is filing a PVR to track the Request for Feature Enhancement (RFE) - I know OCI Product Management sometimes receives RFEs this way.

Our recommendation:

Determine what model storage arrays, and what associated raw capacity there is for them in an opportunity - this helps us understand market presence. The reason this is important is for many storage vendors, we need to create multiple datasources to cover the various models in their portfolio.

We do not currently have any plans for Huawei in our near term roadmap


Hi, Ostiguy,

I appreciate your guidance!


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