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How to change "Database backup directory" in DFM/OnCommand 5.0?


Can we change the "Database Backup Directory" from /opt/NTAPdfm/data to something else? Basically, I would like to schedule a daily DB backup on OnCommand 5.0 and place the backup files in NFS mount point. This can be done by creating a soft link for /opt/NTAPdfm/data to the NFS mount point. But, wanted to check if DFM has any commands to change the default backup directory. Thanks.





I've been working on this a lot on the CIFS side this week, just posted a long answer here, short answer is yes you can back it up to NFS. The CLI command is "dfm options set databaseBackupDir=<path>". It's also in the GUI Setup -> Options -> Database Backup. If it fails because of a error involving "keystore" then make sure you point it at a directory and not at the root of the mount point.


Hi Chris,

     As I said, earlier, the .ndb file can be in NFS location but not the actual db.




Hi, yes you can change it over the command dfm options set (dfm options list) show you all possible options

the option is databaseBackupDir

C:\Users\admXXXXX-ext>dfm options set databaseBackupDir=E:\FMC_DC

Changed archive backup destination directory to E:\FMC_DC.

NOTE: You must move all of the database backups in current directory to the new


We have a Windows DFM.


Any idea on the syntax for using a network share that isn't mapped to the Windows DFM host? I'm trying to use "\\filername\volume" without the quotes and DFM keeps telling me that it doesn't exist.


Hi All,

     Firstly, running dfm database ( sybase) on a NAS path is not is not supported. You can move your created .ndb files to NFS export path or CIFS share but no the actual monitordb.db and monitordb.log.

Use the dfm datastore setup cli to move db from one location to another. It takes care of moving all required things.




Thanks a lot.

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