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How to correctly permission a CIFS share? Do I have to have a QTree?


I know I ought to be able to get this working, but I'm struggling and im not sure why.


Basic premise is that I've created a share and permissioned it up and I can't then change permissions, or even create a folder in it.






/vol/ProjectData  as  \\netappfiler\Projects


inside OnCommand System Manager I've assigned a domain group for which i am a member as having full control.

I expected these to pass through as share permissions and for this to then allow me to set ntfs permissions from computer management on my 8.1 laptop.


so on the share:

Everyone - Read

Team-Name - Full control


open up windows 8.1 Computer Management, connect to another computer, connect to the Filer


When I try and save the changes I make to the NTFS permissions, I get access is denied.

I've seen this article…

and i wondered if it was something similar. so i used Computer Management on xp and it came back with the same error.


Am I setting my shares up wrongly? Have I missed some super basic config concept out here?




I did however add a qtree to the Share and all of a sudden (inside the qtree) I could create text files and documents.

So have I misunderstood the way it works? If I want to permission at NTFS levels, do i need to build something like the following?

/vol/Volume/Qtree and then create a share at the Qtree level?



I am also facing same issue.. Can anyone have ever fixed it?

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