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How to find out hosting filer name for a given vfiler name


NOTE : Something wrong with this page as body of discussion missed in my discussion so trying to put again.

Lets assume there is a big NetApp infrastructure with lots of vfiler setup as well but there is no Operation Manager setup though ssh to vfiler is configured.

Now if any user complain about some issue at any vfiler as user always sees vfiler then how would you find out vfiler's hosting filer name given no OM setup there.

Anybody have any idea other then OM to find out vfiler's hosting filer name if ssh to vfiler is configured.

PS : There is no straight forward command at vfiler level to find out its hosting filer name and I feel that should be there as a quick check.

Raju Singh Mahala



Hi ,

There is way to resolve this problem .

the command   "filer> ssh filername vfiler status  " gives  the vfiler list associated with that filer .

Try to create a script which will take vfiler name as input and will run the  above command for all the filers once run .

and then  vfiler name string will see in which vfiler status  command its name is comming in output .Try to print the 'filername' from the desired vfiler status command at console .Scripting is the only way to resolve this issue


Isnt for such reasons we have Operation Manager ? Given that its a also comes along with your controller, what is the real reason of not using Ops-Mgr to get this information.

Rather trying to get it in a very complicated way. Is there a specific reason which I am missing ?




I struggled with this when I ran vfilers as well.  I had a script that would connect to all the physical heads, do a vfiler status, and grep for the vfiler I was looking for.  If your environment is so big that looping through all the controllers isn't really feasible, you could do something like have a cron job nightly gather the info and store it somewhere, then you could just check that source.



There was a formatting problem in the old message. The actual message was :

Run "dfm vfiler list <vfiler_name>" in CLI to view the corresponding Hosting storage system. If you want to view the Hosting Storage system for all the vFilers, run "dfm vfiler list". In Web UI, you need to launch the "vFilers, All" report which can be launched by "Home -> Member Details ->







There is no way to find out the Hosting file's name or its IP address if you have only a vFiler details.

vFilers are designed in a way that, tracking the parent is not possible. Sometimes, the CLI command at vfiler "route -s" will be helpful but that too you can't rely on this information always.

OM is one of the best ways which can be used to find out the mapping of vFiler to Hosting storage system provided you are managing all your storage systems via OM. 


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