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How to get notifications on INFORMATIONAL event wafl.vol.autoSize.done


Among the disappointments we have with Oncommand Unified Manager 7 is its limited alerting event set.  Unlike DFM, OCUM 7 appears to lack the ability to alert on anything below a severity of "Warning".


Does anyone have an idea on how we might go about creating a notification on these two events:



We use auto grow throughout our environment and are reliant on getting notified each time a volume grows so that we can manage our volume autosize settings to make sure that volumes can continue to grow.  


Thank you.





What Unified Manager and ONTAP releases are you interested in for these autosize events?


Did you ever find a solution? We used to have this in 7-mode, and even for awhile in cdot, but they have taken away the ability to alert on INFORMATIONAL events as you said. It previously worked as an EMS event we subscribed to, but (seemingly) not anymore.


hi.  Are you now off 7-mode and running CDOT?  If yes, what version?  I actually recently got this running from both OCUM (Version: 9.5RC1; I could not get it to work before this version) and also by sending the alerts directly from the cluster itself.  We're at 9.1 and above in our environment.  I don't know if the steps to send directly from the filers are valid prior to the 9.1 release.


I'll put those steps here in case anyone can use them. 


Go to  CONFIGURATION > MANAGE EVENTS then click "Subscribe to EMS events" and add the event "wafl.vol.autoSize.done" and save it.  
Create a new alert and select the event "Information EMS received" from the "Warning" event serverity group.  Name your new alert, select the resources you want to action on and then define the action.  

Direct from Cluster
1) create an event filter for your alerts
cluster1> event filter create -filter-name autosize_events

2) add rules to your new filter
cluster1> event filter  rule add -filter-name autosize_events -position 1 -type include -message-name wafl.vol.autoSize.done
note: I also added a rule to include to my  filter


3) create an event destination.  this will hold the info about the email address or distribution list you want to have the events emailed to.
cluster1> event notification destination create -name AS_events_recipients -email

4) create an event notification.  This will use your destination info to send email based on your filter conditions

cluster1> event notification create -filter-name autosize_events -destinations  AS_events_recipients


Hope this helps.