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How to identify host's with one node wwn and multiple port wwn in OCI ?


Running npiv and hyperv servers the node shows up in OCI with one node wwn and multiple port wwn. Each two or four port wwn's represents one hyperv server, but how can this be identified in OCI? (running 7.0.2).



Hey Odde,


Are you using the OCI hyper-v datasource? Our host virtualization datasources should automagically identify a host to its WWNNs + WWPNs and IQNs if it successfully inventories the host. This would mean auto resolution is not required for your hypervisors.


If you are not, then normal thinking applies for auto resolution - we'd want to look at what the best source of information for your host is - zones, switch, or storage aliases, and determine a strategy for extracting host names from them. I am a fan of regular expressions to tightly control extracting strings for identification.


Do you see the hostname in any of the columns for that WWN in the FC identify view? "WWN" is really WWNN, and the Port WWN column should show all the WWPNs associated to the WWNN. Likewise, the alias and zones columns are likely comma delimited lists of all the zones, etc that are associated to those WWPNs and thus WWNN.


If you want to send me a screenshot of what you are looking at, at ostiguy at netapp dot com, and I can come up with some ideas. Also, if you don't understand why it isn't being identified, a screenshot of the Resolution Details microview would help as well.