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How to migrate OnCommand Core Package (DFM) servers


I have migrated ver5.0 to ver.5.21 by doing followings.

  1. backup the database on the old server
  2. installed ver5.2.1 on new server.
  3. Copied the backup to new server.
  4. copied the key folder to new server.
  5. Restored the databse.
  6. recreated the self sign certificate.

All went smothly, I started the services and all the services are running.

I disabled the services on the old server.

I want to make sure that the new server is monitoring the filers as the old server , that is, monitoring intervals are same as the old, snmp trap , monitoring volume space, LUn, SME  Etc . Is there anyway i can compare the settings between these two server? or any test which I can perform to make sure that all the settings have been migrated.