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How to migrate volumes across aggregates between two different NETAPP filers that are HA clustered using Snapmirror? one of the volumes has a LUN inside of it.


I'm looking for an informative Knowledge Base documents that explains how to migrate volumes across aggregates between two different NETAPP filers that are HA clustered using Snapmirror?  one of the volumes has a LUN inside of it.

I've found a few articles here and there that has some info but for migrating volumes on the same controller.




This is interesting, I just completed a week ago exactly the same task. Migrated ~100 volumes containing luns from two different set of HA controllers.

I've done that using  snapmirror.

Step i used:

1. Establish snapmirror relationships

2. Set schedule for snapmirror updates

3. Define a downtime to switch over to new volume (if needed)

4. Update snapmirror

5. Break and delete snapmirror realtionship

6. Switch to new volume.

There are some few additionla steps required to cleanly complete migration, but it all depends on your enviroment.  I can provide more info / steps if needed.


can some one plz suggest the best method to migrate volumes which are snapmirrored from one 7 mode filer to another new 7mode filer


The "Manage Space" Wizard is the best choice. It autoamtes everything for you, including migrating the relationship.


The fact that you get the message of NFS exports being present is caused by a setting that creates NFS exports per default once a volume is created.

As you say you are dealing with LUNs only, it's save to remoe those entries from the /etc/exports file and re-export by issuing "exportfs -a".


Then have DFM / OpsMgr / Prot Mgr re-discover the filers and the wizard should run through.


regards, Niels



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Thanks for the reply...


But any other way to do it.. as this method requires to remove,exports shares and luns before migrating..


Thank you all for sharing your knowledge with community.

I'm running out of space in a Snapmirror volume containing Aggregate, I want to migrate this volume to different Aggregate in the same filer and this Snapmirror has Snapvault setup to different Volume in different Aggregate.
When I try to migrate Snapmirror volume to different Aggregate using NMC --> Manage Space --> Migrate I'm getting following error:


The selected volume cannot be migrated for the following reasons:
1. The volume or any of its qtrees has NFS exports


Snapmirror Volume: xxvol10p2

Snapvault  Volume:  xxxvol10p2_2


Snapvault Qtree status is "snapvaulted"


Can someone please tell me what operations I have to perform to migrate that Volume in this case.






Thanks for sharing your experience.

Did you use Netapp KB that details all steps?

The more details you can provide me the better it is. I'm not very familiar with snapmirror and better be prepared to the unexpected so things go as smooth as possible during the migration.



No i did not use KB article, just snapmirror user admin guide.

would you mind dropping me an email i can describe step by step everything 


please share doc

Hello sir 
we have provided shares to user in 7 mode 
due to space issues in aggregate we did not provided snap shots for aggr n volumes 
we have migrated one share to another aggrgate and deleted older share files from user end 
but still aggr space is not freed up 
please provide update 
thanks in advance

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