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How to remove a SnapVault relationship from DFM Protection Manager?


We needed to remove a OSSV host from the dataset (hard purge) and also deleted the SnapVault relations from DOT CLI (snapvault stop)

Because there were also other OSSV hosts backing up into the same secondary volume we were not able to delete the snapshots or the entire volume.

Later on we re-added the OSSV host and its 8 drives.

Now we see that DFM has not deleted the relations in its database and created additionaly new ones - so in dfbm primary host list, dfbm primary dir list, dfbm secondary volume list, dfpm relationship list we see double entries for the volumes.

dfpm dataset list -m in contrast shows every drive only once as type "ossv directory".

Is there a way to delete distinct relations in dfpm relationship or how can we get rid of the double relations?




Hi Markus,

             What is the version of OCUM that you are running ?

Run the dfpm relationship list command and look for redundant relationships and use the DOT cli to do a snapvault stop for the appropriated qtrees.

The BPG has a topic which in details explains how to retire(purge) a relationship out of a dataset.





Dear Adai

thank you for the hint and link to the BPG.

the customer is running OC DFM 5.1 - and in contrast to the BPG there is no dfpm relinquish, only dfbm primary dir relinquish.

Additionally I would have a problem to know exactly what to relinquish: dfbm primary dir list returns the unique ID for each source (even though these are dublettes eg twice "srv1:E:/"), but only the secondary volume without qtree; but dfpm relationship list returns the relations only in strings without ID for primary or secondary - therefore there is a gap in information so I am not able to correlate the primary dir to the relation (remember: almost every relation for that server appears twice - only one is needed)

Isn't there a hidden option to see more?



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