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How to retrieve already defined information from NetApp array using WFA


I want to retrieve all schedule list which is already defined on NetApp array using WFA, I checked with WFA , I am not able to see any command related to retrive information from NetApp array. Similar, to schedule I also want to retrieve information like list of SVM, list of filesystem, etc.

How to retrieve that.






As part of the workflow "User input" values you can query for the ones you want from the DB. if it based on the actual user input - make sure to put it after it in the order




You can also use filter and finders. but i find them less useful then having it as part of the user input if it already in the DB



if it's not in the DB i think you need to gather it from the filer as part of the workflow command. like done here, but i think at that point you can't interact back to the user...






Gidi Marcus (Linkedin) - Storage and Microsoft technologies consultant - Hydro IT LTD - UK


You said "As part of the workflow "User input" values you can query for the ones you want from the DB",

but to retrive Snapmirror Schedule from DB, there is no workflow/command available on WFA.

So do I need to write the command for that.

If yes then I guess,  I also need to write perl script and SQL quries for that.

Aslo I can see there are lots of operation for which workflow or command is not available :


     1. Want to delete SVM

      2. Want to delete Policies/Schedule, etc.

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