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WFA - rename a lun


Hi everyboby,


I'm trying, with WFA, to rename a lun with her serial-hex number.

I encounter two problems:

 - first, I can't find any wfa workflow to rename a lun (while I can find a volume rename workflow)

 - second, I would like to rename a lun with a suffix. This suffix is the las 4 caracters of the serial-hex lun


Those operations can easely be done by CLI, but I would like to integrate them into a personnal workflow.


Would you have any idea about it ?


a200-1-r::> lun show -vserver SAN_REC -path /vol/esx_srv_new1_vol/esx-srv-new1 -fields serial-hex
vserver path serial-hex
------- ---------------------------------- ------------------------
SAN_REC /vol/esx_srv_new1_vol/esx-srv-new1 3830454f513f4c463070366e

a200-1-r::> lun move-in-volume -vserver SAN_REC -path /vol/esx_srv_new1_vol/esx-srv-new1 /vol/esx_srv_new1_vol/esx-srv-366e

a200-1-r::> vol rename -vserver SAN_REC -volume esx_srv_new1_vol esx_srv_366e
[Job 2578] Job succeeded: Successful

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