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How to retrieve qtree export policies in CDOT


Anyone know how to retrieve the export policies attached to qtrees? The get-ncqtree does not return it. If I invoke get-ncssh with qtree show -field export-policy, the policy is returned but in a format that can't be retrieved.

What I am trying to do is duplicate export access from a source vserver to a destination vserver for qtrees. If anyone has figured out how to do this, please point me in the right direction.  Thanks



Hi stephen,

You can get the export policies for each qtree using the Get-NcQtree commandlet. You need to save it to an object and access the property in the following way:

$qtrees = Get-NcQtree

foreach ( $qt in $qtrees ) {

    Write-Host $qt.Qtree -> $qt.ExportPolicy




Never mind. It is exposed with the 3.1 toolkit. I was using 3.0  I updated and it now returns export policy


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