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How to schedule workflow tasks for capacity, reporting and performance in single workflow.



How to schedule workflow tasks for capacity, reporting and performance

Use Case -  Customer wants to create a workflow which should list out the performance counters of an aggregate which would help him choose the right aggr for vol creation.

Configuration and Use of Filters and Finders to decide the best Storage Object based on Aggregate Utilization, Disk Busy %, Controller Utilization and provision storage.

I'd like to know  how to add all in to single workflow or any .ps script can help.

Basavaraj Patil



1. First you need to create the workflow. Lot of sample is there on how to create a workflow.

Aggregate_Performance dictionary entry is there in WFA. You need to write filter on top

of it and utilize it in your workflow. You can see if these attributes (Aggregate Utilization, Disk Busy %, Controller Utilization)

are cached as a part of Aggregate_Performance. If not you either need to cache from Performance Advisor

or OnCommand Performance Manager.

2. You can write a script which which call the workflow written in 1. via WFA REST APIs.

3. The script can be invoked via the Windows Scheduler in a repeatative manner. In the next release, there will be an

inbuilt feature to schedule workflows in a repeatative manner.

4. Do you need a sample to see how to repeatitively schedule the workflow?





Hi Abhi,


yes we have created few workflows for capacity  & we are not able to add Performance related function in same work flow.





What is the difficulty you are facing is accessing the perf data which is already present in WFA?

You need to create a filter and use it in the Workflow.




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