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Initial Setup HA Pair


I've been working on the initial setup for a new FAS 3250 HA System.  I have two controllers.  When I add the first controller into System Manager is shows as HA Pair but does not have a partner.  When I add the second controller it shows as a storage controller.  Discover does not show them as partners.  The second controller also does not have the licenses listed and a several other things are missing in the System Manager.  When I do a cf status on the first controller the error is partner mailbox disks not accessible or invalid.  CF status on the second controller says it is not licensed.  Does anyone know what I need to do to get these two to work together?

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Re: Initial Setup HA Pair



First you need to have the two controller with the CFO license,

After applying cluster license a reboot is necessary, after check the status with cf status

An other point must be check => The options httpd.admin, must be enable

And discover again in Oncommand System Manager .

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Re: Initial Setup HA Pair


Thank you.  It looks like none of the licenses were installed on the second controller.  When I added them and rebooted the discovery found them as a pair. 

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