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Installing WFA 4.2 on drive other than C


I'm looking at the upgrade from WFA 4.1 to 4.2 in our environment. While my initial test with upgrading in place spectacularly went wrong (schema error on the last resulting in a completely unusable environment -- others have seen the same thing here in the forum so I didn't even try that again), I made good progress by installing from scratch and restoring the latest backup.


One thing I noticed though: although I install WFA to my D drive, the MySql database ends up on my C drive which is a problem because there's only limited space there and data isn't supposed to go there at all. I've not seen an additional option to change that or did I miss that? Nor do I find a reference to that in the docs.


My question: is it supposed to do that and what would I need to do to get MySql to some other drive?


Re: Installing WFA 4.2 on drive other than C


Why not use Symlinks on Windows?

# mklink /D Link Target

mklink /D "D:\WFA" "C:\Program Files\NetApp\WFA"

 You can find installation guide over here.

Re: Installing WFA 4.2 on drive other than C


Appreciate the suggestion. I can probably just as easily move the MySql database folder and edit the my.ini to reflect the move. But all this involves additional configuration that has to be done on each WFA install and was not necessary on WFA 4.1.


So my question still stands as to teh behaviour of the WFA install package itself. Maybe someone from NetApp could comment?

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