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Kicking off Parallel Processes in WFA


Is it possible to have WFA launch a separate workflow or process that continues to run as a separate process while the original process continues to run?

For example, I have created a workflow to do a snapmirror failover for an application.  But, one application at this customer has over 40 large volumes associated with it.  Right now, it will run through the failover for one volume before continuing to the next.  Obviously, this ends up taking a long time to complete that way.  Is there a way to get them all to kick off in parallel?

I thought that if I created a main workflow that discovered all the volumes and then called a second workflow for each volume that each would kick off as a separate process, but it still completes each one before moving on to the next one.

I found this article from the WFAGuy, but it's pretty involved.  Seems like there might be an easier way that I'm missing?



P.S. - How many workflows can WFA 4.1 run simultaneously?  4.2?