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Invoking a workflow from external source


In the documentation it says " Web services interfaces to invoke workflows from external portals and data center orchestration software". How is this achievable?


This is my scenario:


The helpdesk receieve a ticket to create a cifs share. The tickets contains the name of the share and the size of the volume required. The helpdesk person just needs to click a button and it's done. How can I link the ticket to invoke a workflow in wfa without the helpdesk user having to jump into the wfa web portal?





You can do it with powershell, check this examples:


Helpdesk could also check the status of the workflow as well .


WFA has a REST API available at https://your.wfa.server/rest/.  The documentation is at https://your.wfa.server/rest/docs/.

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The "real" WFA-ServiceNow integration:


Outline of Service Now Integration with NetApp WFA


But you didn't mention if you wanted to use ServiceNow or anything else.



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I have done integration between Servicenow and WFA for one of the workflow...


Refer my post and read last pages in PDF attachment :


For example from ServiceNow we can fetch the data in json format and decode it using perl script. Then encode that output in XML and trigger the workflow based on its job ID.



Also refer this script: command-storage-management-software-articles-andresources/78/22/wfa_workflow_cli_pl.txt

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