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Active IQ Unified Manager Discussions

WFA - Get Finder result in "Return Parameters"




Is there any possible way to get the Finder Results in Return Parameters.

An example:

- I am selecting a Resource Pool From OnCommand Unified Manager which has a list of Aggregates. and the volumes is created on one of the aggr based on the Finder results.

how it is possible to know which aggregate has been chosen for a volume, so i can later send it over an email.


Second connected question:

- i would also like to mention the LIF from aggr's home node in an email, so that NFS exports can be performed form the Home Node of a volume.


All these is selected by Filter and we are not allowing operatos to select aggr or node manually.






Hi Sheel,

          IIRC, you can get the volumes hosting aggr by

I also think you should be able to do it similarly for lifs as well.




Hello Adai,


Thanks for the Reply, but i might be doing something wrong in this case.

i tried the following two but did tn worked.




do you have any examples?



Hi Sheel,

                      Here is an example from my workflow. 

findVolume is a command definition variable of a No-Op Command that runs a finder to get a volume.

Others are just parameters/attributes of the volume dictionary item. BTW this is for cluster data ontap.

Return Parameter.JPG




Thanks Adai,


Works for me, but still looking for a possibility to get the LIF's associated with a Node on which an volume is created.




The volume is created in an aggregate which belongs to a node inside a specific vserver.


When you create the volume, you probably have a vserver and an aggregate dropdown. With SQL on a new variable like $home_node_data_lif amd previously having a NFS LIF naming convention of vserver_name_nfs_lif1 for node1. vserver_name_nfs_lif2 for node2 , etc, you could do SQL on the variable level with this query:


protocols LIKE '%nfs%'
name LIKE '${VserverName}_nfs_lif1'

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