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Is there a syslog capability for OnCommand Core?



I'm familiar with ONTAP's ability to utilize the syslog capability and send messages of a given severity to a central syslog server (via the syslog.conf configuration).  I'm trying to determine if OnCommand Core has the same capability?  I haven't been able to find any mention of it so I figured I'd be able to settle the matter here.  Thanks.




We use splunk a lot and need a syslog option. We can't work with email and snmp traps for everything. Can someone from NetApp provide an answer if this will be supported in the future? I'm sure there are more with this same question.


Are you asking syslog support from ONTAP to OCUM server ?   If so, is it for ONTAP 7-mode ? or C-mode ?




Are you asking this from OCUM server to external syslog receiver ?



I want to understand your question better to provide correct answer.





I'm looking to be able to raise an alert for a message logged to the messages log file i.e. a CIFS operation timeout message for example is of interest but how to notify and admin?


I'm asking for an option to send messages from individual alerts to syslog servers. Look at the attached imaged.


I'm referring to OCUM for Clustered Data ONTAP.


I've been wondering the same. There are many important message raised in the messages logs files on OnTap filers but DFM does not appear to be able to gather them. the best I have been able to achieve is to send them to a Kiwi Syslog server and write over 100 rules to fire alerts. It's cumbersome but works. Would be nice if DFM was able to do something with these logs.


To my knowledge, there is no such capability built-in.  I may be wrong, though. DFM is a huge beast.

However, you can easily build something like that yourself using alarms and a script that basically just calls logger (on Linux) or something equivalent for Windows.

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