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Oncommand event alert for a volume that doesn't exist


I'm using :
OnCommand Unified Manager
Version 6.3RC1


I have an alert for a volume that doesn't exist on the filer.


Risk - Volume Space Nearly Full
Impact Area - Capacity
Severity - Warning
State - New
Source - c1_889_nas_svm:/sdw_cl_mssql_sql04_userlog_0
Trigger Condition - The nearly full threshold set at 80% is breached. 803.54 GB (80.07%) of 1003.52 GB is used.
Description - Volume near full

However the volume doesn't exist


c1::> vol show -vserver c1_889_nas_svm -volume sdw*
There are no entries matching your query.


If I go to the generated link in the email I get


The volume that you are trying to view cannot be found. Close the dialog box to view all the volumes.


The event fires daily and I'm wondering how I can stop this from alerting.



Re: Oncommand event alert for a volume that doesn't exist


I think I was able to resolve this myself.


sdw signifies a snapdrive created volume from a backup operation.


For the unifiedmanager alerts, I found that I could exclude volumes that contain a string.


I've implemented this and we'll see tomorrow.

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