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Issues with OCI Launch and Reporting portal launch


Hi guys,


So tried to figure out the solution of many random issues and accumulating all in here:


1. OCI Launch Error from RAU

      When trying to launch java UI from RAU. After providing credentials getting a window where I see client,server, DS, clientJVM, client Plugin, License tab, but not the actual OCI console. Only option I see is ok button. Once I do that, it take me back to login window and throw communication error. Attaching screenshot 0 and 1 for the same.


I tried to use fix of all java issues which were discussed in older versions of java. Is there any update on that document?


2. Since OCI 7.2.3, I am not able to launch DWH/reporting portal from remote systems. I see there is a change in port number from 8080 to 9300. Do I have to put request for additional firewall opening for that specific port, or there is any work around for it? Everytime I have to work on reports, I have to do RDP session to DWH server and work locally.





#1. The OCI Java client uses a lot of the same technologies that a RAU uses to speak to the OCI operational server - same DNS dependencies, etc.


Have you recently uipgraded OCI?


When you upgrade OCI versions, it is best to:

Ensure the Java cache is emptied on client workstations

Ensure you are running the appropriate Java version - OCI 7.2.x requires Java 8 at a minimum. I think there is a floor for Java 8 support, but I don't have the specific minimum build number.


General Java client thoughts:

Java runtimes may default to observing the operating systems Internet proxy settings - this can be problematic, so you may need to go into the Java control panel icon, and disable the proxy stuff


I would clear the Java cache, check the proxy, and look at:




After I try running the client again


#2. Yes, if there is a firewall between the DWH reporting portal users and the OCI 7.2.x DWH, you will want a firewall exception to allow them to access tcp 9300