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LIF Route Not Configured


I ran across the Informational events in OCUM this morning, a category I rarely look at, and noticed a flood of "LIF Route Not Configured" events. I've not been able to find any explanation of what this event means. They continuously appear every 10 - 15 minutes. Does anyone have insight into these events and/or a suggested remediation? Even though these are only Informational, it looks like they are ballooning the size of the event log and I'd like to prevent them.


Re: LIF Route Not Configured



"LIF Route Not Configured" events are raised for LIFs when route is not configured in the SVM for the LIF. This Information event can be disabled from the Managed Events page. Please do the following steps to disble these events:


1. Login to Unified Manager UI using user having OnCommand Administrator role.

2. Navigate to Configuration->Manage Events page.

3. Click on +Disable and select Information under Events Severity. Type LIF in the search box.

4. Select "LIF Route Not Configured" from Matching Events column and bring it to Disable Events.

5. Save and Close the Disable Events dialog.


All the existing "LIF Route Not Configured" will be moved to Obsolete and no new "LIF Route Not Configured" events will be generated.


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Re: LIF Route Not Configured


Thanks @msudip ! That worked.

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