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LUN resizing


Hi all,

i have a Server Exchange 2010 virtualised on ESXi 5.1.

One of the databases disks is on an RDM. My NetApp is a FAS3140

I am in shortage of space, the disk is under 10% space left so i want to increase his size of 20 GB.

I have enough space left on the volume where the lun reside. The lun is Thin Provisioned.

I start from System Manager assigning the new size, then i press on Save and Close but i receive the message attached.

What i don’t understand is what it means “you may not get additional space even after expanding the LUN” so I have some doubt in giving the “OK” to confirm

Anyone could calrify me please this doubt?

Thanks in advance


Re: LUN resizing


What is the output of df -g  for the exchange volume and lun show -v for the Exchange LUN.

Your volume needs to have enough space, so the LUN can be expanded. You could use SDW (snapdrive) to expand the LUN and add the additional 20GB.

Re: LUN resizing


you can go ahead & expand the LUN. If your intention is to increase the LUN without increasing the volume .Then this is the method. Just a warning been stated.

since it is a thin provision,have to monito.r.

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Re: LUN resizing



thanks for the responses.

As i haven't worked too much with NetApp that's the first time i see such a message, so i was not sure if it required some action before t ogo ahead expanding the LUN.

My intention is to expand only the LUN, only 20 GB


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