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LastAcquiredTime missing in host table




I am working on few reports for storage, switches and hosts and customer requirement is to show the last reported time. I can find that as "lastAcquiredTime" in database for storage and switches, but that is missing in host table. 


However in OCI server, I can see the the "Last Report Time" in hosts view, but same is not reflecting in host table of DWH MySQL. I am not condering VM in that as VMs are discovered by ESX and I expect ESX should be part of physical host table.




Re: LastAcquiredTime missing in host table


Most hosts are discovered through a combination of switch and storage data sources, so a "last acquired time" for a host might be a bit ill-defined.  dwh_inventory might have enough data source information to get you back to the (switch) data source associated with a host, and get the last acquired time for the corresponding switch.  Or work your way back to the switch through FC connectivity information for the same thing. 

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Re: LastAcquiredTime missing in host table


Thanks moechnig. I will try to find some other way.

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