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MIcrosoft Enterprise CA certificates in DFM


Is it possible to import and use trusted certificates signed by a Microsoft Enterprise CA in DFM?

I've been able to import the signed certificate into DFM, but one of two things happen:

1)     The HTTPS service fails to start (event viewer shows a "Disabled use of AcceptEX()" error

2)     The HTTPS service does start but if I browse to https://[FQDN of server]:8443/start.html, I get a certificate warning because the system is still using the self signed one generated by DFM itself.

The Operations Manager Admin Guide (on page 126) seems to imply that only certificates issued by Thawte, Verisign, or RSA are accepted.

Is that true?




They work, you have to do a self signed certificate first, then generate a certificate request (from the same page), put that certificate request to your CA server, then you can import your Enterprise CA certificate.


Tried that.

Unfortunately, it didn't work. Ops Manager still is presenting the self-signed certificate.

Any other thoughts?