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Migrating Resource Pool Aggregates to a different System (Protection Manager)


IHAC that is going to be migrating all aggregates that reside in a resource pool in Protection Manager to a new controller. They want to move the aggrs containing the backups to a dedicated backup controller.

We will be moving the disk shelves & aggregates to the new controller. My question is this:

How will protection manager recognize the old backup versions with a new controller name? Also how will it retain the baseline snapshot so we do not need to re-baseline the data?

eg: move aggrs from NASC1 to NASBACKUPC1, also move aggrs from NASC2 to NASBACKUPC1. The new backup system is a single controller, not an HA cluster.




I am also faced with this dilemma. I like how through NMC protection manager can move backup volumes between aggregates, but I don't see a clear way to change the relationships to start backing up to a new controller / resource pool. I may take the same approach as above, just moving the shelves / aggregates from one system to another, but the only article I've found that even begins to address that scenario is-

That being said, I am fine starting new baselines, and creating new volumes on the new target, it just looks like new datasets / jobs need to be created in order to do so, since simply changing the Dataset to use a new resource pool doesn't seem to do the trick.