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SnapDrive integration..


Hi All,

Sorry for basic question.

Do you have any documents which describe how SnapDrive is integrated to Protection Manager.
I am not sure What kinds of operation can be done with this integration.

for example,

1, How we can see SAN HOST(Windows , Solaris) within Host List ? 
2, Can we create a Snapshot of  LUN in a Windows HOST thru Protection Manager ?





The features that you described is not possible with the current release of SnapDrive and Protection Manager. It may be included in a future release.


NetApp Inc.
Product Manager
Manageability Group (SMAI)



sorry to pick up this old thread, but I'm totally confused about Unified Manager now.

I have an Exchange 2010 server running SME 6.x and SD 7.x. I'm trying to setup snapdrive to connect to Unified Manager 6.1 for Clustered Data Ontap. Is this supported? Or do I have to install Unified Manager Core 5.x for this to work?

Best Regards,



Hi Oliver,

>I'm trying to setup snapdrive to connect to Unified Manager 6.1 for Clustered Data Ontap. Is this supported?

No this is not supported yet.



Hi Srinivas,

so even installing Unified Manager 5.x core doesn't support snapdrive -> snapvault with clustered data ontap?

Is this planned to be supported soon?

Best Regards,



Hi Oliver,

My comment above was only for OCUM 6.1

AFAIK UM5.x supports snapdrive, not sure snapdrive --> snapvault - clustered data ontap.



HI Keiji,

The integration of SnapDrive and protection manger is for Backup and restore.

Here is a brief of what protection manager provides for app dataset.

" Protection Manager provides/discovering an unprotected application data set, which was created by applications, and then assigning a protection policy and resource pools to it.

The Protection Manager also provides the notion of a local backup schedule which normally would drive the creation of a local backup on the primary, but this schedule will not drive local backups for application data sets. Instead, local backup job will log a message indicating that no local backup was performed. However, local backup job will update protection status of the data set. This will generate lag error/warning if local backup has failed to appear and alert the administrator to a potential problem.

It also provides schedules for transferring the backup version from the primary or root node to the secondary or the non-root nodes."

What an application dataset is.

" An Application Dataset is just a dataset created and managed by application which is other than Protection Manager. The applications can be anyone of these, SnapDrive for Unix/Windows and/ or SnapManager Suite of products."

Why app dataset?

" Applications have unique procedures for backing up their data. Protection

Manager has no knowledge of these procedures because of which Protection Manager cannot backup application data reliably.

* A dataset where the application is responsible for creating the local backups.

* Application registers local backup it created with the application dataset.

* Protection Manager doesn't need to know anything about the intricacies of the application backup procedure."


There is also some good documentation available here which describes how

SnapDrive for Unix integrates for Role Based Access Control:



With regards to Protection Manager - there is a good overview here, how it

integrates to SMx (Exchange in this instance):


And to Snapdrive for Windows here:



Hope this helps

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