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Migrating historical capacity data from OCUM 7.1 to 7.2


I am working with a customer that wants to move their OCUM from a 7.1 vSphere instance to a new 7.2 instance.  This TR article has detailed information about migrating the historical performance information, but I was wondering if this would also migrate the capacity/utilizaition history as well?  The customer uses that information quite a bit, so they don't want to lose it.




Jim, if you are upgrading from OCUM 7.1 to 7.2 only, and you don't have an OPM 7.1 instance, this article is not applicable. Once you upgrade OCUM 7.1 to 7.2, it will start the performance data collection and provide performance monitoring and troubleshooting functionality. If you have OPM 7.1 instance and you care about the historic performance data, you can follow this article and migrate OPM perf data into OCUM 7.2. 


Talking about the capacity/utilizaition history, if this is OCUM capacity/utilizaition, it's not related to the article. If this OPM perf capacity/utilizaition history, yes, the migration will migrate it. Hope this clarifies. 


We are not upgrading the current 7.1P2 OCUM or OPM virtual appliances.

We have built a new virtual appliance for 7.2 and wish to migrate clusters one at a time from the old instance to the new.

Is there any way to migrate that historical capacity data?



If you talk about performance capacity and utilization, you can migrate the data from OPM 7.1 (if you have one) to OCUM 7.2.


For the configuration related data on OCUM 7.1, there is no really history per say. And of course, if you spin a new OCUM 7.2 instance, you will not be able to migrate any historic data from the old OCUM 7.1 instance.

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