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Moving NetApp CIFS shares to Windows server


Hi All


We are soon going to be repurposing our production NetApp FAS8020 HA array.  It currently runs 7-Mode 8.2.5P1. 

It currently serves block level via FC and CIFS shares. We have a plan already in place to move our block level. 

Our plan is to move our NetApp CIFSs over to a standard Windows File server.  We have about 3 CIFS shares. Not very large. Maximum size is 750GB. 


Any advice on how best we can do this? I was thinking to use something like Robocopy to move the data/permissions across. 


Are there any better ways of doing this? Has anyone done this before and found a better approach?


Your thoughts are appreciated.




Re: Moving NetApp CIFS shares to Windows server



If you've a windows 2019 you can migrate wirh the Microsoft tools :

See this article by VLADAN


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Re: Moving NetApp CIFS shares to Windows server


Check this out:


Re: Moving NetApp CIFS shares to Windows server


 its not supprted to move cifs to server 2019 with this tools


"SMS supports migrating from Windows Server 2003 and later operating systems. It cannot currently migrate from Linux, Samba, NetApp, EMC, or other SAN and NAS storage devices.

Also, migrating from the NTFS to REFS file systems isn’t supported. However, you can migrate from NTFS to NTFS and REFS to ReFS."

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