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MySQL innodb buffer, Elastic Search and wildfly heap size...


Hi all,


after SP2 on a OCI 7.3.1 the RAM size of the server has been increased up to 64 GB RAM.
After the reboot this message appear:


MySQL innodb_buffer_pool_size set to 8192 MB, expected 10240 MB or more. Elastic search minimum and maximum heap size set to 16384 MB and 16384 MB, expected minimum and maximum heap size of 24576 MB or more, but no more than 30720 MB. WildFly maximum heap size set to 10240 MB, expected 12288 MB or more.

Where and how these parameters can be adjusted? 



Re: MySQL innodb buffer, Elastic Search and wildfly heap size...


Ciao Giacomo,


This is a recent feature in OCI to warn you when the various memory allocations have not been changed after the machine is running on has had a boost in memory.



MySQL's memory allocations are controlled by ..\sanscreen\mysql\my.cnf




Is the major setting that controls MySQL's memory utilization


If you edit this file and change the value, the change will take effect when MySQL is next restarted.



OCI Acq, Server and Elastic are all Java based, and OCI uses Windows service wrappers to launch these Java virtual machines.


HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Apache Software Foundation\Procrun 2.0


Is the registry location where you want to start looking


Each of the 3 OCI Java-based services has their own folder, with Parameters -> Java subfolders.



What you are looking for are the JvmMx (max) and JvmMs (minimum/starting value) keys.


For Elastic, we have those values identical, for the Server and Acq, the JvmMx (max) is what you are looking to modify.


These keys can be right clicked -> Modify, and once toggled to Decimal values should make some sense.


Again, if you change these values, they will take effect when these services are next restarted






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Re: MySQL innodb buffer, Elastic Search and wildfly heap size...


Hi Matt,


thank you very much. 
If you could provide a screenshot of the registry area I can make the task easier to the customer, avoiding to look for the "parameters" section that has to be changed.
Without a look I'm not sure of what these "3 OCI Java-based services" are.



But in the meantime, thanks again!

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