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NDMP Backups and IBM's Spectrum Protect



1) are you aware of an SW licensing requirements for NetApp using NDMP backups to IBM's SP 8.1. Also, do you know if there are any licensing requirements for SP.





Re: NDMP Backups and IBM's Spectrum Protect


I do believe it is better to address this question to IBM support.

However as per


  1. Review the restrictions on NDMP operations:
    • To configure IBM Spectrum Protect for NDMP operations in a nonclustered environment, you must use a network-attached storage (NAS) device that is validated for use with IBM Spectrum Protect through the Ready for IBM® validation program.
    • Data deduplication operations and container storage pools are supported only with NetApp file servers that do not use the SnapMirror to Tape feature. All other NAS devices that are validated for use with IBM Spectrum Protect in accordance with the Ready for IBM validation program must use non-deduplicated, non-container storage pools. For more information about the types of storage pools that are supported for different brands of file servers, see Storage pool types for NDMP operations.
  2. Register the IBM Spectrum Protect Extended Edition license. To back up and restore NAS file server data by using the IBM Spectrum Protect server, IBM Spectrum Protect Extended Edition is required.

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