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NFS Export issues with Powershell Toolkit


Hello All,

I have a WFA workflow to do an NFS export to list a list of Unix hosts.

when i check on the filer the export entry are coming in the /etc/exports file and also in the memory, but unix hosts is denies access of the nfs share.

even when I try to create an NFS export entry from powershell is has the same behavior.

An example:

Try to Add an NFS Export using powershell API:

PS H:\> Add-NaNfsExport -Persistent -Path /vol/got915v007/segot_a0_x915d007 -Root

50.50 -ReadWrite

LoadedPathnames                                                                 ExportedPathnames

---------------                                                                 -----------------

{/vol/got915v007/segot_a0_x915d007}                                             {/vol/got915v007/segot_a0_x915d007}

PS H:\>

Checked on the filer the exports file is also updated with the same information:

filer903> vfiler run segotx915 exportfs

===== vfiler915

/vol/got915v007/segot_a0_x915d007       -sec=sys,rw=,root=

filer903> rdfile /vol/got915v000/etc/exports

/vol/got915v007/segot_a0_x915d007       -sec=sys,rw=,root=


When i verify the export entry is denies access to the exported IPAddress:

filer903> vfiler run segotx915 exportfs -c /vol/got915v007/segot_a0_x915d007

===== vfiler915

exportfs [vfiler915]: does not have mount access to /vol/got915v007/segot_a0_x915d007 (Access denied)


Not sure if there are any additional steps to be performed, as i see that Powershell API is not working or if anyone has a Perl Command for WFA to perform NFS Export.



Re: NFS Export issues with Powershell Toolkit



     For this powershell commandlet, -Root and -ReadWrite take String arrays as inputs.

So shouldn't the actual usage be as follows:

Add-NaNfsExport -Persistent -Path /vol/got915v007/segot_a0_x915d007 -Root @(,,,,,,50.10.

50.50) -ReadWrite @(,,,,,,

The sample workflow "Create a Qtree and an NFS Export" uses the NFS export command. Here, you can see that the user inputs are comma separated.

For example for user input $ReadWriteHosts The input value should be some thing like, ","


Thanks and Regards,

Bestin Jose.

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