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In CMode, Does get chach’ed.


Certified workflow,  “Create a Clustered Data ONTAP Qtree CIFS Share”

Shouldn’t the CIFS Share name be cached ? All I see is it caches qtree name and not the CIFS Share name.

Am I missing something ?




Hi narendra,

Cache queries are used to cache objects into WFA. The CIFS cache query is caching

After the workflow is run, the cifs share gets created on ONTAP, then during its next data source acquisition the cifs share will be cached into WFA's db.

Can you please check if is getting cached after one cycle of data acquisition ?




Yes, is getting cached after one cycle of data acquisition.

But my question is about the period from the time workflow is executed till the next execution cycle.

Is there any way to have in "Reservations" ?

I'm developing a workflow where I choose an SVM where cifs share will be created.

One of my filters is to pick an SVM where this share doesn't exists (customer may request to create multiple shares (one share request per workflow) with same name and they should go on different SVM's).

This filter doesn't work untill after one cycle of data acquisition.



See the reply from Rajath.

Hi Roger,

The reservations have to be written for the custom commands based on what the command does. These are SQL scripts and one needs to understand the database schema to do this. This cannot be done for custom commands currently.

As Adai mentioned, the upcoming release of WFA will allow you to associate a SQL script with your custom command which will handle the reservations. Hope this helps.



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