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Negative eventClass matching in DFM 5.2?


I'm trying to refine a bit the alerts we're sending out from DFM

We've some special alert actions matching some eventclass only and they're working as expected.


Alarm            10
Group            Global
Event Severity   Warning or Worse
Event Name       All
Event Class      df.inodes|df.kbytes

  We still have a "catch-all" alarm that captures ALL events of severity Warning , and I would like to exclude from there the event classes for which I've already created a more specific alert.

Do there is a way to specify a NEGATIVE event class filter in an alarm so to have it triggered by all events BUT the regexp-listed ones?

I would like to avoid listing all the needed events in the event_class filter of the "catch all" alarm.

I tried with

Event Class='(!df)'

but it seems to be not working. Do there is a way to specify negative matching in alarms for event_class?




AFAIK there is no provision to do this in DFM 5.2.





I have the same problem now.

We have also a global alarm group with the serverity "warning or worse". But we will exclude one event from this group.

My idea is:

Delete this global group and make a new for each event class?! Without the one class.

For the event class with the excluded event, make for each event a detailed alert. ?!?!?

Now, I'm looking for a list with all DFM event classes....

so far...

Hi Daniel,

      getting the list of event types, with corresponding class and priority is relatively simple.

From the command line of the DFM server just type "dfm eventType list" to get it (if dfm is in your path).

I've then copied-and pasted the list into a text file and converted that into an XLS for sorting.

I am still reluctant to use positive class matching because I suppose event classes might be added in future releases, and that way I would loose the new ones.



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