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Netapp FAS3050 with one DS14MK2 and five 146GB FC disks for VMWare homelab


***Total Netapp Newbie***

I've bought from different sellers on a popular auction site a FAS3050, a DS14MK2 and five 146 Gb disks. I have configured the disks for ownership by the FAS. I intend to configure fibre channel and connect to my two VMWare servers. I notice that I have no licenses installed.

Will I be able to use ths setup or will I need to get licenses. Do I just have pile of tin at the moment?




You won't be able to start the FCP service without a license. In theory iSCSI is a free license but I don't think you would be able to get it without a support contract.

Perhaps the seller of the filer may have some licenses linked with the serial number they could provide you.


Thanks, The seller of the FAS3050 is an IT recycler. Without starting the FCP does this mean I won't be able to present fibre channel LUN's to my ESXi hosts? I assume the FAS had licenses but when I added the disk shelf and init the disks this has destroyed my licenses?


Is the web browser utility "filerview" also licensed? I get asked for logon credentials and then I get an error 500 serverlets not enabled.

netapp> Tue Sep  3 18:30:45 GMT [HTTPPool03:warning]: HTTP Authentication from to realm Administration failed


FilerView is completly free. It's better to use console or System Manager for management of your sysem. OnCommand System Manager is also free and you can download it from


I'm unable to download them as I don't have the priviliges. Should I be able to use Filerview without it being licensed?

Is my setup just tin without any licenses?



You are able to use Filerview without any licenses.

To find out what licenses do you have on the system you can connect to console via RS232 cable and execte "license" command.


I can connect via serial that is how I assigned ownership of the disks to the FAS. HTTP is shown as no license. Is this preventing me from running filerview from a browser?

The license command displays no licenses installed.

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