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Snap Vault Volume Size Primary to Secondary Backup VMWARE


Hello Guys,

we're using Netapp OnCommand Host Package 1.1 with Netapp On Command Core Package 5.0.2 and VMWARE Virtual Center 5.1.

That's Work as Designed. We creates a Local VMWARE Datastorwe  Backup Job, and then Snapvault it Daily to a Secondary Storage.

Primary       -------------------------------> Secondary

LUN Local Backup                              Snap Vault

Retention 7 Daily                                 Retention 7 Weeks Weekly  

Daily 4 AM                                  

The Backup and Restore works fine. When the Snap Vault creates the Relation Ship, A Volume is Createted on the Secondary Syste much bigger then on Primary ?

Primary Voulume to Snap Vault

Secondary Volume on Secondary System afer Snap Vault Relation Ship

Why there is a 1,51 Tb Volume Creates instead of 750 GB ?

I found an Option in the Protection Policy which we are using. Is there a way too reduce the Volume Size on the Secondary Site, or can we Simple Shrink the Volumes Manually ?






any one an Idea ? Netapp Case Still Open without any recent helps.


Hi Alexander,

I do not see where the #'s 750Gb and 1.5Tb come from based on the above screen snips.

There is an equation used to calculate the secondary container size which in UM 5.0.2 only applies to SnapVault relationships.  In UM 5.1 and higher it also applies to VSM destinations.  The calculation uses primary volume size and usage #'s to generate the size of the secondary size and this will occur during protection jobs to ensure there is enough space to allow a vault operation.



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